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Water is a vital necessity

Water is essential for all life on earth. Our bodies are made up of 60-75% water. A person can survive weeks without food but cannot survive more than a few days without water. Not only do we drink it, but we also cook, clean and bathe in it.
From drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes, fruits, vegetables, and dishes, to brushing teeth and flushing toilets, a single person uses on average up to 80 gallons of water every day. With our daily usage, our water NEEDS substantial protection! WinBar Services wants to help protect your family and home by protecting your water!

What is hard water?

Hard water is water containing high amounts of mineral ions which is dissolved limestone, calcium, and magnesium among other contaminants. Our water in central Texas is some of the hardest water in the nation, mainly because of the natural limestone within the ground – water passes over the limestone, it dissolves and remains in our water along with the other contaminants. When you use water in your home you will see the remnants; white, chalky, flaky residue that builds up on your shower doors, dishes, and faucet/shower head fixtures that is almost impossible to clean! It also builds up inside your pipes, hot water heater, washing machine and dishwasher causing them all to work harder.

What is soft water?

Soft water does not contain the “mineral ions” that are found in hard water. We can eliminate the “mineral ions” by the process of ion exchange which is achieved with a water softener that can safely remove them. The water softener has a filter media inside the tank called “resin”. As you use water in your home, the water flows through the resin beads and it acts like a magnet holding the mineral ions (the limestone and other contaminates) making your water soft. The resin can only “hold” so many contaminates and with ion exchange it needs another ion (or dissolved solid) to clean it, so the water softener goes through a regeneration and uses sodium/potassium chloride to clean the resin. At the end of the regeneration, the mineral ions and sodium/potassium ions are rinsed down the drain and the resin beads are refreshed and ready to continue to provide soft water throughout your home.

What are the benefits of a water softener?

The hard water in our area wreaks havoc on our skin, hair, pipes, and water using appliances such as hot water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. It dries our skin and hair. It clogs our pipes and appliances. There are many benefits to having a water softener:

  • Save money by using less soaps and detergents
  • Healthier, softer skin
  • Shiny, stronger hair
  • Color treated hair lasts longer
  • Clothes are cleaner, softer and stay brighter longer
  • Less wear and tear on your water using appliances
  • Save money on gas or electric bill by preserving your hot water heater
  • Cleaner dishes and no spots
  • Clean, clear glass shower doors and windows
  • Save money by protecting pipes and fixtures
  • SAVES YOU TIME – less cleaning, more time to enjoy life!

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Our Team

WinBar Services is family owned and operated since 2005 with over 60 years’ experience! We are the premiere water softener company in New Braunfels, Texas and the surrounding area. All of our technicians are Certified and Licensed Water Treatment Specialists in the state of Texas with years of classroom training and hands-on experience. Every technician is also required to pass a pre-employment criminal background check, keeping our customers safety a priority.

Our Water Softeners

We sell and service quality water softeners including the Clack WS1. It doesn’t take much of a search on YouTube to find great reviews of this product. Check out the video here to get an idea of the quality hardware we provide in and around New Braunfels, Texas.

Individualized Water Treatment Options

WinBar Services is here to make sure that the water you drink and use is clean and fresh. Turn to us for dependable water treatment equipment and services. Come to us for affordable water conditioning and treatment services. Our water softeners come with manufacturers’ warranties

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Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products, superior service and competitive pricing.

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WinBar runs a pre-employment criminal background checks on every technician.

All technicians are also trained extensively on installations, service and are required to attend TCEQ Water Treatment Specialist classes.

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“Not only was he (Parker) fabulous, but he followed up, though it was someone else’s responsibility (The manufacturer)…they totally dropped the ball, but he didn’t!”

Brenda J.

San Antonio

“Amazing service, amazing experience. Troy answered all my questions and was courteous throughout the whol process. Would not have it any other way.”

Andrew U.

San Antonio

Great company. Very professional. ON TIME and the price was right. When installing my water softener they did not cut any corners, they took their time on showing me how the system operations worked. When they were done they cleaned up their mess as if they were never there. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family.

William G.

New Braunfels

This experience was great! It was really quick and when the installation was finished I received a complete tutorial on how everything works. I feel really confident on the product, process and the company.

Jennifer W.


“Had a great experience with WinBar. Very fast and friendly and everyone we spoke with were awesome.”

Justin C.


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